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Hydraulic equipment is generally attached or connected to other items, components or framework. Similarly clients using hydraulic equipment also have associated non-hydraulic equipment that also needs servicing or repairs. As our company name suggests, as well as the hydraulic aspect of our products and services, we can also serve our clients all round engineering needs. This ranges from machined components – pins, blocks, and shafts etc. to more complex ‘complete product’ upgrades, manufacture or overhaul.

Click here to view HES (Contracts) Ltd - our sister company which specialises in engineering maintenance and servicing, primarily operating within the distribution industry.

Hand Power Unit

Hydraulic Extraction Unit

This bespoke extraction tool is used to remove sampling heads from process pipe lines. This product is used on a worldwide basis. The design and operation was developed by our client and further refined with our in house design team in order to rationalize the clients range. More Extraction Unit Images
ZZ_1167230790_Eng Mast project

Equipment Masts.

As cylinder manufacturing involves exacting standards of fabrication, our brief on this project was to manufacture the complete equipment mast assemblies for the government. This called on high quality welding and machining skills and all welds were fully tested. More Images
ZZ_1167231735_Valve and seat

Valve and Seat re-machine

The brief on this project was to re-machine the valve and seat ’yesterday’, as the vessel was about to sail and this was a critical spare. As it was a ships’ engine componant the diameter was around 300mm and the hieght of the stem was in excess of a metre. More Images.

ZZ_1167233086_Large cylinders on swains 2

Large Cylinder Capacity

We have our fair share of large capacity works. Many cylinder repairers struggle with this scale of cylinder.  Our fully equiped factory in strood has the capacity to machine cylinders up to 10 metres long, 0.8metres in diameter and 4 tonnes in weight. More Images.

ZZ_1167224230_Thrust page 1

Thrustmaster Unit Overhaul

The thrustmaster unit was an american design and built - hydraulic driven outboard motor. Our brief was to overhaul all the hydraulic components within its 10,000 hour service life.  The final extent of the works following stripping and inspection included replacing both of the tilt cylinders, renewing the hoses, re-setting of valves, replacing bearing and remedial housing repairs, shotblast and paint, pressure and operation test. More Images.

ZZ_1167750675_Pins etc eng picture

Pins, Brackets & Componants

Every cylinder has accessories. With the resources at our disposal in our Strood factory we can design and machine or fabricate the accessories and associated products that may be required. This includes pins, shafts, bracketry, glands and tubes. More Images.

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What We Do

We produce many of our own products to include Hydraulic cylinders and Power units, as well as undertaking reclamation and general engineering. We also carry large stocks of Pumps, Motors, Couplings, Filters, Valves, Seals and many other products.

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We have a collection service for all repair work. Please complete the form below and press ’Send’. Also use this form if you have a general enquiry or feedback on any aspect of our products or service. We will contact you by email to confirm that your request or enquiry has been processed.